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PE tape

These articles are all highly relevant PE tape. I believe this information can help you understand PE tape's professional information. If you want to know more, you can contact us at any time, we can provide you with more professional guidance.
  • This section describes the performance of PE tape


    PE tape has excellent corrosion resistance and electrical insulation, especially high-frequency insulation. It can be chlorinated, modified by irradiation, and reinforced with glass fiber. Low pressure polyethylene has high melting point, rigidity, hardness and strength, low water absorption, good e Read More
  • How is the PE tape plastic packaging made of copper plate printing?


    Many friends may have doubts when they see this title. Copper plate printing, what kind of printing is it, and what is the difference between ordinary printing? In fact, copper plate printing is relatively advanced compared to ordinary printing, and the texture of the printed PE tape plastic packagi Read More
  • Scope of application of PE tape


    What is the scope of application of PE tapeThe PE tape is made of a special polyethylene plastic film and a cross-linked acrylate resin as an adhesive. It is produced and processed by several types of special additives. The characteristic is soft, the adhesive characteristic is good, it is very easy Read More
  • How to choose high quality PE tape?


    Every customer wants to buy high-quality pe tape products when ordering PE tape. Many customers need high-quality pe tapes that are powder-free and easy to open. Below, Xingnuo plastic bags manufacturers will introduce the common types of pe tapes and how to choose. A high-quality pe tape.Introducti Read More
  • Why is PE tape transparent?


    Some people may wonder why PE tapes are transparent. The fundamental reason is that any crystal type anti-blocking agent has a certain effect on the transparency of the tape, which will produce a kind of mist in the plastic film. However, because the types of anti-blocking agents used in the product Read More
  • PE tape production why there will be broken material phenomenon?


    PE tape is a polymer organic compound with a simple structure. In today's world, polymer composite materials with a wide range of applications are polymerized by ethylene. According to the density, they can be divided into high-density polyethylene, medium-density polyethylene and low-density polyet Read More
  • Chemical properties of PE tape materials


    PE tape is a kind of high molecular organic compound, and PE tape is often used in our daily life.PE is one of the commonly used polymer materials in daily life, used to make plastic bags, plastic films, milk barrels and other products. Polyethylene is resistant to a variety of organic solvents, res Read More
  • Method for identifying PE tape


    In daily life, many PE tapes are often used to package products, but there are many types and names of packaging materials. When we need to use pe tape, what method should be used to identify it?PE film is widely used in the production of plastic bags, plastic films, and milk barrels. Its name is al Read More
  • The difference between PE tape and ordinary plastic bags


    Many customers don't know the difference between PE tape and ordinary plastic bags. Today, the Xingnuo furniture storage bag manufacturer will introduce to you the difference between the two.PE tape, polyethylene referred to as PE, is a high-molecular-weight organic material made by the expansion an Read More
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