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PE tape production why there will be broken material phenomenon?

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PE tape is a polymer organic compound with a simple structure. In today's world, polymer composite materials with a wide range of applications are polymerized by ethylene. According to the density, they can be divided into high-density polyethylene, medium-density polyethylene and low-density polyethylene. Density polyethylene.

Low-density polyethylene LDPE is relatively soft and is often used for high-pressure polymerization.

High-density polyethylene materials have certain rigidity, hardness and mechanical strength, and are mostly used for low-pressure polymerization.

High-density polyethylene materials can be used as containers, pipes and high-frequency electrical insulators.

PE tape production environment requirements:

Ordinary PE tape production environment is completed under the requirements of environmental pollution-free. The raw materials, production workshop and packaging workshop are all completed in a completely isolated production method, which ensures the high quality and high cleanliness requirements of medical PE tape.

The production environment and raw material quality of dust-free pe tape directly affect the cleanliness requirements of plastic bags. The production of dust-free tape needs to be cleanly produced in a fully enclosed clean room to ensure that the tape is not polluted.

The silicone-free pe tape is cut in a dust-free environment to ensure that the surface of the plastic bag is free from pollution and to ensure the cleaning requirements of the plastic bag.

The production environment of aseptic pe tape is completed in a class 100 environment. The raw materials of the aseptic plastic bag and the production workshop need to be operated separately during the production process to avoid external contamination of the aseptic plastic bag during the production process. The aseptic plastic bag cutting workshop adopts high-intensity ultraviolet sterilization to ensure the aseptic quality of plastic bags.

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