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Scope of application of PE tape

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PE tape

What is the scope of application of PE tape

The PE tape is made of a special polyethylene plastic film and a cross-linked acrylate resin as an adhesive. It is produced and processed by several types of special additives. The characteristic is soft, the adhesive characteristic is good, it is very easy to peel, and there is no residue after peeling.

The biggest advantage of PE protective film is that the protected goods will not be contaminated, eroded, scratched during the manufacturing, transportation, storage and use process, and protect the inherent smooth and soft outer layer, thereby improving the quality of the goods and Competitiveness.

PE tape is mainly used for a wide range of purposes, and traces of its use can be seen in almost all areas. So what is its available range?

Hardware products: computer mainframe casing, galvanized sheet, iron plate stamping, computer baking paint board, frosted PC nameplate, packaging and printing and protection of the outer layer of sprayed parts.

Liquid crystal display series products: LCD liquid crystal display, backlight plate, EL electroluminescence film, conductive membrane switch, touch display, and outer protection of colorful computer display.

Plastic products: walkie-talkies, mobile phone plastic lenses, ABS, PP injection products, PVC sheets, acrylic panels, dashboards.

Screen printing ink packaging and printing: PVC, PC, aluminum alloy plate, copper plate and other metal materials, the protection of the outer layer of the sign.

Decoration materials: stainless steel sheet, aluminum alloy profile, aluminum curtain wall, titanium stainless steel, plastic steel plate, porcelain, polyester sheet and other products for outer protection.

Glass craftsmanship: Laminated glass art painting, sandblasting, engraving and other protection, acting as the agent of FK reticulated series product protective film.

Production process of PE tape protective film

1. Corona the surface of the prepared PET film.

2. Glue is applied on the corona surface of the PET film through a coating machine, and the glued PET film is sent into the oven.

3. The PET film coming out of the oven is directly wound into a parent roll.

4. After the rewinding, the mother roll is coded and sent to the ripening room for ripening.

5. The matured parent roll is sent to the multi-axis laminating machine according to the first-in first-out principle for multi-layer laminating. When laminating, the PET film is first laid flat and no bubbles are attached to the parent roll, and then the other The PET film of PET film is bonded to the PET film without bubbles, and the bonding is repeated in this way.

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