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Chemical properties of PE tape materials

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PE tape is a kind of high molecular organic compound, and PE tape is often used in our daily life.

PE is one of the commonly used polymer materials in daily life, used to make plastic bags, plastic films, milk barrels and other products. Polyethylene is resistant to a variety of organic solvents, resistant to a variety of alkali corrosion, but not oxidation, such as nitric acid, polyethylene will be oxidized in an oxidizing environment.

Polyethylene can be regarded as transparent in the film state, but when it exists in the form of lumps, due to the large number of crystals inside, it will be opaque due to strong light scattering. The degree of crystallization of polyethylene is affected by the number of branches. The more branches, the harder it is to crystallize.

The melting temperature of the crystal of PE tape material polyethylene is also affected by the number of branch chains. The distribution ranges from 90 degrees Celsius to 130 degrees Celsius. The more branch chains, the lower the melting temperature. Polyethylene single crystals can usually be made by putting high density polyethylene Prepared by dissolving in xylene in an environment above 130 degrees Celsius.

PE tape materials

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