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How is the PE tape plastic packaging made of copper plate printing?

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How is the PE tape plastic packaging made of copper plate printing?

Many friends may have doubts when they see this title. Copper plate printing, what kind of printing is it, and what is the difference between ordinary printing? In fact, copper plate printing is relatively advanced compared to ordinary printing, and the texture of the printed PE tape plastic packaging is completely different. Let Xingnuo storage bag manufacturers introduce it to you.

Compared with ordinary printing, copper plate printing is relatively more complicated. Copper plate printing is to make a positive film after photographing the artwork in pink. After printing and etching, it is made into copper printing. The copper plate is just the opposite of ordinary printing. The printed part is raised while the blank part is recessed. Printing is also called letterpress printing. Because high-definition artwork is required for plate making, manufacturers generally require customers to provide printed source documents.

In order for everyone to understand it better, we have prepared the following two pictures:

PE tape plastic packaging

PE tape plastic packaging

As shown in the figure, A and B are the plates used for printing by PE tape plastic packaging printers. The two plates shown in the figure are examples of single-sided two-color printing. After printing a color in step A, the pigment will be As the film rotates, it is air-dried, and then the second color printing cycle is carried out in step B, so that it can be printed simultaneously, saving time and effort, and the color is beautiful and the loss is very good. This is the general step of the current copper plate printing. At present, many printing colors in the industry are 12 colors. Of course, the printed plastic film will also be reeled under the drive of the machine shaft, so that the plastic bag printing process is completed.

Due to the particularity of copper plate printing, the general double-sided monochrome printing also requires two plates, which is the so-called one printing and one plate. If there is only one plate, it will also have to be printed on one side and then rewinded and printed again on the machine. This is time-consuming and laborious, increasing loss and also seriously affecting production.

The characteristic of copper plate printing is that the printed patterns are very high-end and exquisite, with a three-dimensional effect. It is the first choice for many high-end products that need to be packaged for themselves. Therefore, the price of plate making is relatively high, so this requires customers to customize according to their actual needs. Evaluate whether the copper plate is used for printing.

To sum up, it is about how PE tape plastic packaging is used for copper plate printing. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. From the above content, it is not difficult to see that copper plate printing has much more benefits than ordinary printing. If You can use copper plate printing if you want to pursue quality.

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