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  • How Sealable Mattress Bag Vacuum


    How Sealable Mattress Bag Vacuum Everyone knows that many Sealable mattress bags need to be vacuum-packed. On the one hand, it is to make the Sealable mattress bag fit nicely on the mattress, and on the other hand, it is to shrink the excess parts of the Sealable mattress bag together. The Sealable Read More
  • Sealable mattress bag size


    Sealable mattress bag size When buying a sealable mattress bag, many customers always think they only need to buy a large one. Some people might think that a large plastic bag for a mattress can fit a smaller mattress, while You cannot fit a small plastic bag with a larger mattress. This is wrong th Read More
  • The surface material of the sealable mattress bag


    The surface material of the sealable mattress bag A sealable mattress bag is one of the necessary tools to move. The difference between different mattress vacuum bags is mainly in different materials. This article will introduce a mattress bag for moving different materials.There are two primary mat Read More
  • Mattress packaging


    Mattress packagingThe mattress vacuum bag is not a bonus. Because its price is not low, most manufacturers do not use foam mattress vacuum bags as the standard configuration of mattresses instead of multi-layer disposable packaging. When a mattress is shipped from the manufacturer, it is often wrapp Read More
  • How to mail a mattress


    How to mail a mattress Many people need to pack their mattresses when they move because mattresses are relatively expensive pieces of furniture. The quality of your sleep also depends on the comfort of the mattress. It is often difficult to sleep on other mattresses, especially when you get used to Read More
  • Why use Airport Cargo Cover


    Why use Airport Cargo CoverThe use of an Airport Cargo Cover is necessary when transporting goods by air. It is the best way to guarantee the quality of the goods. As an Airport Cargo Cover manufacturer, we will introduce you to the necessity of Airport Cargo Cover.First of all, the Airport Cargo Co Read More
  • Some little knowledge of mattress packaging


    Some little knowledge of mattress packaging Read More
  • How to store latex mattresses


    How to store latex mattressesThe latex mattress is a mattress with excellent performance. It is a new product brought by the development of science and technology in recent years. At the same time, it is costly. So what should we do when we accept latex mattresses? This article will give you some s Read More
  • How to avoid damaging the mattress when moving (2)


    How to avoid damaging the mattress when moving (2)In the previous article, we mentioned asking the moving company to provide a plastic bag for mattress disposal to pack the mattress. However, this is limited to the situation that the price of mattresses is not high. If the mattress price is very hig Read More
  • How to avoid damaging the mattress when moving (1)


    How to avoid damaging the mattress when moving (1)Nowadays, urban life is faster and faster, and many people move a lot more frequently. In many cases, they have to move because of work needs. How to carry the mattress without damage? This problem has become the heart disease of many office workers. Read More
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