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How to choose high quality PE tape?

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Every customer wants to buy high-quality PE tape products when ordering PE tape. Many customers need high-quality pe tapes that are powder-free and easy to open. Below, Xingnuo plastic bags manufacturers will introduce the common types of pe tapes and how to choose. A high-quality pe tape.

Introduction to PE tape

Polyethylene bags are bags made of polyethylene. Polyethylene is a typical thermoplastic, it is an odorless, tasteless, non-toxic flammable white powder. The molded polyethylene resin is extruded wax-like particles with a milky white appearance. The melting point of polyethylene is 100-130°C, and it has good low temperature resistance. It can still maintain good mechanical properties at -60°C, but its application temperature is generally between 80-100°C.

Common types of PE tape:

According to the density, it can be divided into PE, LLPE, LLDPE, HDPE, etc.

According to the production process, it is divided into: PE flat bag, ziplock bag, zipper bag, envelope bag, punching bag, hand bag, zipper bag, PE film, etc.

1. Polyethylene flat bags are made by a relatively simple production process. After the film is blown by the machine, the bag is cut into a bag on the bag cutting machine, and the bottom is sealed.

2. The ziplock bag is made with a bone strip when the film is blown by the machine, which can be sealed manually. Unlike the zipper bag, these two types of bags are usually easy to confuse.

3. The zipper bag is a bag made of PE film with independent bone strips. There are indentations on both sides of the bag, but there is no ziplock bag. The ziplock bag has few printing colors, and the zipper bag can be printed with complex patterns.

4. The envelope bag has a tongue like an envelope, stick a tape on the tongue, and fold it to seal the bag.

5. The perforated handbag is punched at the appropriate position on the top of the flat pocket to facilitate carrying the bag.

6. The handle bag is made of plastic strips on the top of the bag to facilitate the lifting of the bag. This process needs to be done manually, and the price is relatively high.

7. Polyethylene film is a film that is not made into a bag after being blown out by a machine. It can be divided into winding film and shrink film.

By adjusting the raw material formula and rationally optimizing the production process, the PE tape of the Xingnuo plastic bag manufacturer has the advantages of high transparency, no powder, and easy opening. And it looks pure, no impurities, no wrinkles, no stains, and the surface feels smooth, delicate, and super tough. In addition, our pe tape technology is more advanced, and the quality can be finely controlled, which can meet the needs of efficient production.

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