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Why is PE tape transparent?

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Some people may wonder why PE tapes are transparent. The fundamental reason is that any crystal type anti-blocking agent has a certain effect on the transparency of the tape, which will produce a kind of mist in the plastic film. However, because the types of anti-blocking agents used in the product are different, the impact level will be different. The main factors affecting the transparency of tape are as follows:

1. The organic chemical purity of the anti-blocking agent.

The purity of chemically synthesized crystals far exceeds that of pure natural minerals. Therefore, the transparency of the anti-blocking agent produced by the chemical synthesis process is significantly higher than that of pure natural minerals.

2. The amount of opening agent added. Because of the different sources of crystal type anti-blocking agents, the large-mass crystals refer to pure natural mineral anti-blocking agents, and the light-weight crystals refer to the anti-blocking agents synthesized by chemistry. There is a significant difference in weight between the two under the same volume.

3. The light refractive index of the anti-blocking agent. When direct light passes through the contact surface of two different chemical substances, if the two different chemical substances have the same refractive index, the direct light passing through will be less damaged within the linear range of the original incident angle. If the refractive index of two different chemical substances is larger, the direct light passing through is more damaged within the linear range of the original incident angle. Therefore, pure natural talcum powder and silica both cause great attenuation of direct light, and have a significant impact on the transparency of the plastic bag.

There are many custom-made materials for PE plastic bags, and there are many ways to do it, but few people know some of the parameters and characteristics of PE.

The main advantage of plastic PE plastic bag material is its light quality, which can reduce transportation costs and overall supply chain costs. In addition, it is not easy to damage. Such new materials can help manufacturers reduce carbon emissions, reduce the demand for petrochemical products and other packaging materials containing minerals, and better protect the ecological environment. The plastic PE tape industry is also paying more and more attention to lightweight materials, and basically every plastic packaging product pays attention to this in appearance design and structure.

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