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Sealable mattress bag size

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When buying a sealable mattress bag, many customers always think they only need to buy a large one. Some people might think that a large plastic bag for a mattress can fit a smaller mattress, while You cannot fit a small plastic bag with a larger mattress. This is wrong thinking.

The core purpose of the plastic bag for the mattress is to protect the mattress. At the same time, the oversized plastic bag for the mattress leaves too much space inside, which leads to the complete loss of the plastic bag mattress's protective function and leads to the plastic bag. The mattress is more likely to be damaged during transportation. Generally speaking, there are three sizes of mattress vacuum bags: extra large XL, M, S. However, the standards of different brands and regions may cause the difference in size; please choose the size according to the actual situation.

In summary, the mattress bag for moving must be able to hold the mattress and be strong enough, and the size should be appropriate. The right size can best play the function of protecting the mattress.

We are a mattress bag manufacturer from China, providing different specifications and types of sealable mattress bags to customers worldwide. Professional service and excellent quality are why we have won many overseas cooperative customers. If you are interested in the sealable mattress bag, you might as well get in touch with us.

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