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The surface material of the sealable mattress bag

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A sealable mattress bag is one of the necessary tools to move. The difference between different mattress vacuum bags is mainly in different materials. This article will introduce a mattress bag for moving different materials.

There are two primary materials of sealable mattress bags on the market, namely PA+PE and PEA+PE. We will mainly introduce the differences and advantages of these two materials.

PA+PE is the abbreviation of nylon+polyethylene. This material is a dual flexible material with good mechanical properties. Its good mechanical properties are embodied in puncture resistance, tear resistance, and airtightness, and it can protect the inner wrapper well. In addition, this material is more environmentally friendly and convenient to use, and it is not easy to produce waste and pollution. You can use the sealable mattress bag made of this material on almost all occasions.

PEA+PE refers to a compound composed of polyethylene terephthalate + polyethylene. It is more rigid than PA+PE and has better heat resistance. You can use items made of this material in tropical areas and sun exposure. But relatively, it has poor cold resistance and is relatively brittle. Not suitable for use in places subject to a greater force.

But if used to transport mattresses, these two materials are undoubtedly very suitable. When choosing the thickness, you need to pay attention. Too thick will cause the sealable mattress bag to be too hard, while too thin will cause the product to be wear-resistant and easy to damage. So choose according to actual conditions and handling conditions.

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