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What is a vacuum seal mattress bag?

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The vacuum seal mattress bag is a packaging method in which the product is put into an air-tight packaging container, and the air inside the packaging bag is removed during use, so that the sealed vacuum seal mattress bag reaches a pseudo-vacuum. In simple terms, vacuum packaging is to extract oxygen from the bag, which helps prevent food from spoiling, puts clothes and shoes, and mattress quilts help prevent mold and deformation.

Vacuum seal mattress bags are also called decompression packaging. All the air in the bag is taken out to maintain a high degree of pressure reduction in the bag. The scarcity of air is equivalent to low oxygen effect, which makes microorganisms have no inventory conditions. At present, the types of vacuum packaging bags include plastic vacuum packaging. , Aluminum foil packaging, glassware packaging, etc.

The vacuum seal mattress bag has the following materials:

PE material is suitable for low temperature use, RCPP material is suitable for high temperature cooking, PA is to enhance physical strength, puncture resistance and other effects, AL aluminum foil is to increase barrier performance, shading, etc., PET material can increase mechanical strength.

Xingnuo is a professional mattress bag manufacturer from China, provides plastic vacuum packaging bags, which can store mattresses, quilt covers, clothing and other items, which can effectively deoxidize and maintain quality, and also have anti-compression and gas-barrier effects. 

Generally speaking, if quilt covers, mattresses and other items are placed in the air It is easy to breed bacteria after a long time, and it is easy to appear as black spots, and there will be a moldy smell after a long time. In severe cases, it will cause the internal structure of the mattress to deform and easily break after use. If you use a vacuum bag to place it , It can effectively prevent this from happening, and the unpleasant smell will not appear when the clothes are placed, and the state when the port is put in can be maintained.

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