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The necessity of mattress vacuum bag (1)

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Many people think that all the furniture is thrown into the truck when moving. Removing the table outside the new house is moving. But this rough and straightforward moving method is not suitable for mattresses. Your mattress is one of your most undervalued and most valuable assets. A good bed is not cheap. The price of premium mattresses ranges from US$1,000 to more than US$3,000, which makes you have to rethink how to transport the mattress correctly. Both built-in springs and memory foam mattresses are easily damaged when moving, so a protective mattress bag is essential. Without a mattress vacuum bag, your soft bed may become dirty and warped during transportation.


If you are using a mattress vacuum bag for the first time, we suggest reading the following in detail. The mattress vacuum bag may help you.


Mattress vacuum bags come in various sizes. No matter how unique your mattress is, we can provide the right mattress vacuum bag. These plastic bags for mattresses can protect the bed from dust, stains, and sunlight. If you are using a seasonal mattress, a mattress vacuum bag will also be of great help to you when you seal the bed.

Protect from pests such as cockroaches, rats, and bugs. It also prevents water damage to the mattress. It can also control the breeding of mites during storage. Protect your health.


The above is the introduction to the mattress vacuum bag that I brought to you this time. Follow us to keep abreast of the latest developments. As a mattress vacuum bag manufacturer, we will bring you the most professional and timely reports. If you want to know the quotation information, please leave your contact information.

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