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Square pallet cover introduction

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The square pallet cover is a kind of plastic bag used to pack and protect objects. It is a plastic packaging made of LDPE (high pressure low density) and (LLDPE linear low density) through a film blowing machine, and then sealed by a bag making machine. Bags, it can also be sold directly, and the customers can cut and seal themselves according to their needs when using them.

According to the production process, the square bag can be divided into patch pockets, folded bags and square bottom bags. According to whether it is printed or not, it can be divided into blank bags and printed bags. According to whether it is antistatic or not, it can be divided into ordinary bags and antistatic bags.

The product is transparent, non-toxic, tasteless, strong toughness, not easy to be cut, moisture-proof and stain-proof, and the color is mostly transparent raw material. The main material is PE sheet, which is sturdy and durable, and has strong sealing performance. 

It is widely used in the waterproof and dustproof packaging of large machinery and equipment, fixtures and other large items in the machinery industry. It can also be used for general items and electronic products.

The film width can reach 1.8m, and the large three-dimensional square bag is not limited by the super-large size and quantity.

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