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Some little knowledge of mattress packaging

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People need to pack a lot of luggage when they move. The mattress is a valuable piece of furniture. We need to be very careful when packing the mattress. Otherwise, it will damage the mattress. This article will introduce you to some knowledge about mattress packaging.

Many mattresses on the market can be folded and rolled up. This kind of mattress generally has no edge spring and palm fiber. This kind of mattress is straightforward to pack. Just fold it and put it into a mattress bag with handles of appropriate size. This kind of mattress is usually a well-known brand product because portability can increase gimmicks and selling points.

You cannot use mattress bags with handles for packing mattresses with edge springs and palm fibers. Because when packing the mattress, we need to ensure that the mattress cannot deform. And this kind of mattress is generally more expensive. It is because the cost of palm is relatively high. We recommend picking this mattress with a mattress bag with handles. Because bags with handles tend to be stronger, porters can also work better when handling mattresses.

These are some things you should pay attention to when packing mattresses. We are a mattress bag manufacturer from China, which can provide you with various mattress bags for storage. If you are interested in this, we look forward to hearing from you.

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