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Rug Storage Bag - Protect your Rug

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Rugs are one of the daily necessities in many households. If the Rugs are no longer needed and want to store them temporarily, what should be done?

First of all, be sure to clean it first, and then dry it in the shade. After cleaning the dust on the carpet, spray some insecticides to prevent bugs during placement, and then roll up against the hair of the carpet. Don't hit the floor for convenience, as this will easily damage the carpet.

Finally, use a Rug storage bag to roll up the package and put it away, and place it in a ventilated and dry place. In addition, the carpet cannot be placed in the open air, otherwise it may cause the carpet to fade due to sunlight.

The furniture storage bag produced by Xingnuo is specially used to protect the stored items from dust, and is convenient to move and store. In addition, the storage bag can also be used to place hammocks, skis, golf clubs or other large objects.

Rug storage bag

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