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Reduce Your Commercial Facilities Expenses By Managing The Waste

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If you’re a facilities manager, you're responsible for reducing more waste out of waste management. Benefits from creating less waste for the organizations:

  • Costs of waste. Companies and institutions can see a big cost in dealing with waste. Some organizations do a great job on recycling materials, reducing unnecessary electricity consumption, and increasing recycling.

  • Gives a good brand image to the public. A focus on reputation and brand image is a sign that the company is looking well beyond the horizon.

  • Improves employee’s well-being, enhances productivity . A clean workplace can improve productivity of an organization.

  • Constringe your environmental footprint. Waste prevention and recycling buffer greenhouse gas emissions and save resources.

3 tips to make the waste project manageable:

  • Measure everything.  EPA helps organizations sort out all the possible wastes of source, like packaging,paper, electricity, and shows organization visually on every measure.


  • In addition, using this link below can help you to track and manage data for a single building or a portfolio of buildings.

  • Set a goal. Find every opportunity to reduce your waste across the organization. For example:



  • Start a recycling program

  • Replace individual trash cans with a central disposal facility

  • Reuse packaging

Get others involved. If you are a big company, you can build a new team right now dedicated to waste reduction and recycling. Or, it doesn’t mean a small organization can not do the job well. You can assign new responsibilities to an existing group. You can also make a new environmental policy to restrict severe wastes.

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