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Mattress storage bags - Protect your household items

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I believe that many people have encountered the following situation. When you travel, you don’t know how to store the household items at home. The quilts are stacked together in the cabinet. The mattress can only be placed in place. When you arrive home, a thick layer of dust may have been stuck on it. If you have been out for a long time, then the mattress may have been corroded when you come back,That's when you need something to protect your household items - a mattress storage bag.

So how to protect our household items, today I will introduce this mattress bag to everyone, which can effectively protect your mattress, quilt and other household items from dust. When you take it out again, it will remain the same as before.

When you plan to go out for a long time, you can take out the mattress storage bag, put the mattress in the mattress bag, and then put it upright, and seal the opening of the mattress bag to prevent dust from contaminating the mattress. , This not only prevents the mattress from getting dust, but also effectively prevents the growth of bacteria.

In rainy weather, the air will be relatively humid. If the mattress is not received in the mattress bag, it will be contaminated with moist water vapor, which will easily lead to the growth of bacteria. Therefore, put the mattress in the mattress when you go out. Very necessary when inside the bag.

In addition to mattresses, bed sheets, quilts, and some clothing, you also need to store them properly. Of course, you can fold them up and put them in the cabinet, but in this way, bugs may enter the cabinet and climb onto your clothes. Therefore, the most A good way is to put all clothing and other items in the furniture Cover Storage Bag, which can effectively prevent dust contamination and harmful substances such as bugs and bacteria.

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