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Mattress packaging

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Mattress packaging

The mattress vacuum bag is not a bonus. Because its price is not low, most manufacturers do not use foam mattress vacuum bags as the standard configuration of mattresses instead of multi-layer disposable packaging. When a mattress is shipped from the manufacturer, it is often wrapped in a thick, rough woven bag. It is for the convenience of transportation. Cranes and forklifts, and other machinery usually carry such large, heavy objects, and the structure of the woven bag is firm and easy to bear force. When the mattress is transported to the distributors and wholesale centers, the outermost woven bag is removed. Below the woven bag is a mattress wrapped in a thick cardboard box. This carton looks more exquisite. It prints the picture signal color size and other parameters of this product and the manufacturer's quality inspection certificate and other information. Below this layer of the carton is the mattress body wrapped in vacuum blister film. Some manufacturers will also add a layer of kraft paper to absorb moisture and reduce the mattress's possibility of dampness. If the packaging is damaged during transportation and the mattress becomes damp, the kraft paper will also show noticeable discoloration, and the surface of the mattress may be flooded.

When you use the mattress, you need to remove all the protective films on the surface of the mattress. If you need to move the mattress again, you need to buy a mattress bag for moving. On the one hand, the mattress bag for moving can protect the mattress very well. Secondly, the mattress bag for moving will play the role of fixing and supporting when moving the mattress, which can avoid the deformation of the mattress due to uneven force and excessive weight.

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