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introduction of Printing Film on Roll

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Printing Film on Roll are a kind of common plastic products in daily life, because they are convenient and fast, cheap, and occupy a small space, so they are widely used by people. Among all the types of Printing bags on Roll, there is one that we usually use, that is, our household garbage bags. In fact, this is also a roll bag. It can improve the indoor environment and is used to hold garbage for easy disposal. , Even the roll bag is thin, but it has a good bearing capacity, so there is no need to worry about it breaking open.

Xingnuo is a professional printing film on roll manufacturer. For 12 years, we have not forgotten our original intention. We have always insisted on making high-quality products, making good PE packaging, serving customers well, and choosing Xingnuo for easy tear-off bags.

printing film on roll

There is also a large point-breaking continuous roll bag. The materials used to make are PE, PLDPE and LLDPE. It is a non-printed product. The double layer thickness of the blown film is between 4 and 32. The product is waterproof. Dust-proof, insect-proof, environmentally friendly, and recyclable.

The size of the point-breaking continuous printing film on roll is divided into 160*200cm, 150*190cm, 110*210cm, 300*600cm, which can be customized according to customer requirements. The largest bag is 3 meters wide, the film width is 6 meters, and the color can be divided into transparent Color, yellow, blue, red, etc.

Specific use can be high dustproof, high moistureproof, high waterproof, fresh-keeping, etc. Generally speaking, it is used in general packaging, mattress, sofa and other furniture packaging, daily necessities packaging, etc. The packaging method is continuous roll point-break packaging, one roll is placed in an outer bag or a film packing tape, and the product label is affixed.

printing film on roll

Four major features of Xingnuo printing film on roll:

▲High-quality imported raw materials, brand-new PE materials, imported from Qatar, Thailand, Saudi Arabia and other countries, LLDPE and LDPE raw materials, only good raw materials can be used to produce high-quality products. Sinopec PE film is made of brand-new PE materials, a new generation of careful The developed formula, advanced automatic production equipment, the products produced have the characteristics of good transparency, strong stretching force and high toughness.

Advanced automation equipment, brand new equipment high-speed rotating film head unit, a production enterprise with 12 years of experience.

High toughness and high transparency can highlight high-quality packaging. After each finished product, it will undergo a transparency test and a tensile force test.

With large-size, fine and easy-to-tear thread, the continuous roll bag produced by Xingnuo, because of its precision, has a smooth and beautiful tear, and the easy-to-tear thread is obvious and can be torn more easily.

The maximum bag width can be 3 meters wide and a single film 6 meters wide. Dongguan Xingnuo Plastic Products Co., Ltd. has rich experience, excellent quality, timely delivery and good after-sales service, and has established good cooperative relations with customers. The manufacturer focuses on customization, and all products are produced quantitatively according to the various requirements of customers. There is no stock. Customers are welcome to sample processing; OEM processing; processing with drawings; manual processing; OEM processing; ODM processing.

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