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How to use the mattress bag correctly?

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Xingnuo is a professional mattress bag manufacturer, providing high-quality mattress bag products, with many years of industry experience, we are committed to solving problems for customers, common development and common progress. Today I will tell you how to move our mattress.

Moving the mattress is a very troublesome thing. If you don’t provide protection for your mattress, it is possible that the mattress will be damaged during the movement. Therefore, you need to provide the mattress during the movement. Add a mattress store bag to protect it.

First, remove all bedding and sheets from the mattress.

Then erect the mattress, starting from the top, pull the mattress bag onto the ground.

Place your mattress flat on the ground, and then pull the remaining slack until the bag is flush with the mattress.

Seal the bag so that the moving mattress can be transported safely, and the mattress can be protected from dust and moisture during the movement, and kept clean and tidy.

Don't worry about oil stains and dirt on the mattress during transportation.

Finally, after moving the mattress to a new location, take out the mattress and enjoy a clean sleeping environment.

Pack the removed mattress bag and save it for the next use, or throw it in the trash can.

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