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How to store latex mattresses

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The latex mattress is a mattress with excellent performance. It is a new product brought by the development of science and technology in recent years. At the same time, it is costly. So what should we do when we accept latex mattresses? This article will give you some suggestions and hope to help you.

Many people like to use a mattress vacuum bag that packs very well when packing mattresses. But this is not the best option for latex mattresses. Because the principle of a mattress vacuum bag is to remove air from the bag and reduce the chance of pests and bacteria growth; but this is also a pressure on latex mattresses. It is well known that if the latex is extruded for a long time, it may not restore its original shape. It will cause loss of function and damage to the latex mattress.

Of course, mattress vacuum bags are not packaged with latex mattresses. It's just a few questions that you need to keep an eye on.

First of all, if you need to take in latex mattresses for a long time, we still do not recommend using a mattress vacuum bag. The mattress vacuum bag can only help in a short period of storage. When you have packed the latex mattress, keep it horizontal. Avoid oblique placement of the mattress, causing distortion and bending. We cannot place foreign objects on the mattress, and prolonged pressure in the same position can cause irreversible damage to the latex mattress.

Of course, we still recommend packaging latex mattresses with a sturdy foam mattress vacuum bag and an easy-to-carry mattress bag with handles. We can offer a variety of different mattress bags to meet the needs of our customers. We await your inquiry.

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