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How To Choose An Airport Cargo Cover Protective Cover?

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How To Choose An Airport Cargo Cover Protective Cover?

Airport Cargo Cover is a kind of fire-resistant protective cover used since trade cooperation. Air cargo shields occupy a very important proportion in overseas transportation. The Virgin PE material of the air cargo shield has very good fire resistance. The following is a detailed introduction to customized Airport Cargo Cover

Airport Cargo Cover material is mainly Virgin PE material. The flame retardant test of this material has been completed. This customized Airport Cargo Cover is applied to logistics cargo. When the temperature reaches 250°C, the membrane material will melt. However, if there is only a partial open flame, once the source of the goods cannot directly contact the surface of the film, the fire on the film material will extinguish by itself, because the additive with flame splash adheres to the Virgin material coating, which greatly improves the fire resistance.

Air cargo protective cover is easy to open and unfold, excellent protection and versatility, economical dust-proof, moisture-proof, suitable for logistics transportation. Protect the cargo from rain, dust, snow, and wind. The usual cover size of customized Airport Cargo Cover is 480*560 cm or 500*540 cm.

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