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How do You keep Christmas trees after they are used?

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The annual Christmas is coming soon. As an important element of Christmas, the Christmas tree is expensive. If it is discarded after each Christmas, it will be necessary to buy a new Christmas tree in the next year. It’s a waste of money, so you need a Christmas tree storage bag that can store your Christmas tree after Christmas.

How should the Christmas tree be stored?

First of all, clean up the branches and leaves of the Christmas tree after Christmas, and then place the Christmas tree on a flat open space. Wrap the Christmas tree with a Christmas tree storage bag. Wrap all the Christmas tree to prevent dust and dust during storage. Prevent insects and other objects from entering the Christmas tree to affect the beauty of the Christmas tree.

Then it is best to place the wrapped Christmas tree in a cool and ventilated place, and place it upright. If it is placed horizontally, it may deform the Christmas tree after a long time, so it is best to place it upright.

In this way, the Christmas tree can be reused on Christmas next year, which not only saves money, but also eliminates the need to repeat the appearance of the Christmas tree, which is very convenient.

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