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How do I put a mattress into a mattress bag and roll it up?

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The mattress bag is a vacuum packaging bag specially used for moving and storing mattresses. It can protect and store our mattresses very effectively. In China, especially Hong Kong, the use of mattress bags to store and package mattresses has not yet become popular Basically, few people use it, but in Europe, more and more people like to use mattress bags, because mattress bags are really effective for storing and protecting mattresses!

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How to put a mattress into a mattress bag and roll it up?

First of all, for a mattress, when we are preparing to store and move it, we must empty all the bedding on it, and then lay the mattress flat on the floor. Do not place it vertically, because this It may cause the mattress to fall down and hurt people.

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Then, use a vacuum cleaner at home to clean the top and the surroundings of the mattress, because there must be some scraps, shredded paper towels and the like on the mattress that has just been used, which is very unfriendly to the storage of the mattress. After cleaning the debris from the mattress, the mattress will look new and look like when you first bought it.

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After that, take out our mattress bag. The thing to note here is that when buying a mattress bag, you must choose a suitable mattress bag according to your mattress size. Never choose a mattress bag smaller than the width of the mattress. Otherwise, you will find that your mattress bag cannot fit in the mattress.

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After taking out the mattress bag, we can open the mattress bag, insert the mattress cover and seal the opening of the mattress bag. It must be installed relatively flat, so as to facilitate the next vacuum pumping. After sealing the mouth, use an air extractor to draw a vacuum at the location reserved for air extraction. Wait until the air is about the thickness of two palms and then stop. At this time, you will find that such a big mattress has become Isn't such a thin layer amazing?

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Finally, roll up the mattress bag after vacuuming, and the finished product is as shown in the figure below.

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When you roll it up, you will find that such a big mattress has turned into such a small cylinder. Is it convenient to move and store the mattress? Such a packaged mattress has been successful. When you take it out when you need it, you will find that it will look like a new one.

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How to take out the mattress in the vacuum mattress bag?

When you move to a new place or do not need to store the mattress, you will consider taking out the mattress. First, you need to clean up the place where you placed the mattress and clean the floor. Otherwise, wait until the mattress is released. Sometimes your mattress will get dirty because it hits the unclean floor.

After cleaning the floor, open the vacuum-packed cylindrical mattress and lay it flat on the ground. Then open the opening of the mattress bag. Air enters the inner mattress and restores its shape. At this time, the mattress can be removed from the mattress bag. Take it out, because the mattress is clean, it can be placed directly on the bed frame, and then put on the bedding.

The reason why so many people like to use mattress bags is that mattress bags can store and move mattresses very conveniently. In terms of storage, mattress bags can protect the mattress very effectively, so that the mattress will not be contaminated with dust. Whether you are traveling or need to move the mattress, it is very convenient. If you also have a mattress that needs to be stored or moved, please contact us as soon as possible, we can give you the most suitable mattress bag solution.

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