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heavy duty mattress vacuum bag for moving

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In our daily life, if you want to move your mattress, then you must have a mattress protection bag.

When you move house, move the mattress or place the mattress, if you don’t use a mattress bag to protect your mattress, it is very likely that the mattress will get dirty during the movement. Not only that, if the mattress falls Stairs or dragging onto the sidewalk during the movement is likely to cause the mattress to tear, and dust, insects, and moisture may contaminate your mattress during the movement. Therefore, it is necessary to use mattress bags in the process of moving the mattress.

Xingnuo is a professional manufacturer of plastic bags, including mattress vacuum bag, furniture cover, drop cloth, cover sheet, storage bag, pallet cover, poly mailer, sheet with elastic band, Christmas tree bag, etc.

Our company has tried to design many types of mattress bags, and finally designed the current mattress bag after customer feedback. This mattress bag has a low cost and a better use effect.

mattress vacuum bag manufacturer

Why use a mattress bag?

It is to keep the mattress clean and dry. Most of the mattresses are white. If they get dust during the movement, they will get dirty. After the mattress is soiled, I tried to scrub with a brush , Please wipe it with wet paper towels.

When you need to carry a mattress on a rainy day, you need a mattress bag. If there is no mattress bag wrapped, the mattress will definitely be soaked.

The following is the product description of this mattress bag:

Amazon's best-selling product-mattress bags for movement and storage.

-Excellent anti-fouling and moisture-proof performance. Rats, stains and bed bugs.

-Amozon hot sale mattress bag

-Recyclable plastic materials

-Able to adapt to pillow top and California King mattress

-No assembly requirements

-Flexibility, can be used as drip cloth

-Each bag is individually packaged for retail sale.


39" * 8" * 86"

39" * 12" *92"

40"* 10" * 86"

40" * 15"* 95"

54"* 10" * 91" 

56" * 12" * 89" 

56"* 15" * 95" 

60"*12" * 95" 

60" * 14"* 104" 

60" * 18"* 105" 

78" * 14"* 100" 

78" * 14"* 104" 

78" * 18" * 115"

mattress vacuum bag manufacturer

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